Superyacht Partners


Our passion for sailing is first and foremost. However it can’t be denied that on the Race Course is where we get to test ourselves and the World’s leading Superyachts against our peers. No longer is it simply a question of building a Superyacht simply to cruise, as at some stage the draw of the “REGATTA” will become an itch which just can’t be ignored!

With the evolution of materials and construction methods our Superyacht Owners have pushed the boundaries of Yacht design with every generation of Superyachts that have been launched. A never-ending quest for the “small gains” upwind and down drives our sport. Naval Architects, Sail Designers, Engineers, Spar suppliers and Riggers have always been ready to meet that challenge with gusto.

The Yachts of yesteryear have been enhanced, optimized and upgraded, whilst the latest generation sets the bar ever higher for the next concept design, build and delivery. However, the key asset which is commonly overlooked are the sailors themselves, dedicated and professional they have led the way. Carefully analyzing how the sail handling can be improved through the maneuvers around the track, seconds gained, places won and hopefully a happy Owner on the podium at the end of the week.

What draws us all together is the camaraderie, Owners and Sailors alike, the desire to push each Yacht to the limits of its capability, although conscious that safety and coming back to the dock is the paramount concern. Whilst 95% of the time Superyachts life is used for cruising, it’s the 5% that enhances Superyacht Ownership to another level.

Let’s hope 2021 and 2022 sees the return of a full Regatta Program as there is no better way for our passion to be reinvigorated.

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